Business to Business…

Maximising local Business to Business sales

Whilst you sell in your own retail premises or online (or both!) think about the other local businesses around you. You can easily sell B2B without shrinking or impinging on your own sales. You will have a variety of shops in your local area such as; florists, bakeries, sweet shops, jewellers, card and gift shops, trophy shops etc. all of these types of businesses will take printed ribbon from you, some or all year round, and are looking for ways to make their products stand out.  Your margin may be slightly lower but this kind of customer is a regular sale – so don’t miss out!

We supply a brilliant A3 size printed ribbon display board (or you could make your own), go out and about and let people see what you can offer. Work out your trade prices beforehand so new customers have a starting point from which to price up for the end user.

Think about Sports clubs, Care homes, nurseries – again this type of customer is great for name labels but may well grow into a ribbon customer too. Remember to download and use the customer order form we have designed for you – put your business contact details on the form and start taking orders!