Dates for your diary

Being prepared for special events and celebrations throughout the year is a great way of making the best use of your Ribbon Writer. Here are some important dates for your diary:

Date                     Event                                                  Start to prepare

February              Valentine’s Day                                 January / February

March                  Mother’s Day                                     February / March

March/April        Easter                                                 March / April

April                     National Pet Month                          March  

May – October   Hen nights/Wedding Season         May / Oct

June                     Father’s Day                                      May / June

June                     Pride Month                                      May

July                      School Proms                                   June

September          Back to School                                  July / September

October               Halloween                                          September / October

December           Christmas/New Year                       October / December

You can offer generic printed ribbon along with personalised items, don’t forget to utilise Diamond Label – this is great for candles, bags etc. and iron on name labels are a must, along with Lanyards.